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Child custody

Child custody cases can arise for a number of reasons and situations. Separations, divorce, parental deaths, parental incompetence, and a variety of other situations can give rise to child custody hearings. These are never easy, regardless of the different reasons for a custody hearing. Such cases are particularly important as they deal with the future of a child, and all parties involved should seek to find a custody solution that is in the best interest of a child, both short- and long-term.  This becomes difficult, however, when multiple parties each believe they can provide the best environment for the child, and in such cases, legal action is necessary to ensure the child is put with the parent or guardian that will provide the best care.

Custody of a child often involves the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.  Parental rights and responsibilities is an umbrella term that includes the following legal issues:

Custody:  means determines who is able to make decisions for the child.

  • Sole legal custody generally means one party makes all major decisions for the child.
  • Shared parenting generally means that the parents each have equal decision making powers for the child.
  • Split custody refers to situations where siblings may be split between two parents.

Parenting Time/Companionship:  means how time with parents (or in some cases grandparents or other third parties) is allocated.

Child Support:  means how financial support of the child is allocated between the parties.  Ohio has child support guidelines for determining child support.  A deviation from the guidelines may be appropriate in some circumstances.

Health Care Orders:  determines who (if anyone) will provide health insurance for the child and how uninsured medical expenses will be divided between the parties.

Dependent Tax Exemption:  the IRS allows states to allocate who will take the child as a dependent tax exemption each year. 

Child custody and support can encompass a wide variety of other legal matters, which may seem complicated and overwhelming for parents and other potential guardians fighting for their children.  Our experience in child custody can help with:

  • Child Relocation
  • Parental Rights/Paternity
  • Grandparents’ Rights

Even if you believe your specific case is not covered by what is listed above, please do not hesitate to call us anyway with any and all questions.

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