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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“Dissolutionment” In Ohio

I am often asked about getting a “dissolutionment” in Ohio as a way of ending a marriage.  Legally, parties who want to end their marriage and agree on everything can get a Dissolution, or dissolve the marriage by entering into a separation agreement, petitioning the court to adopt the agreement, and attending a hearing.   Dissolutions are generally the cheapest, quickest way to end a marriage.   All issues must be agreed upon at the time the parties file the separation agreement with the court.    The parties must agree on all of the following:

1.  Real estate

2.  Cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, etc., and all other personal property

3.  Bank accounts

4.  Retirement

5.  Stock accounts

6. Debt

7.  Spousal support

7.  Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities.  This includes:

a.  custody

b.  parenting time

c.  child support

d.  health insurance for the children

e.  dependent tax exemptions

If you are able to agree on all these issues, then you may be able to end your marriage through a dissolution rather than a divorce.



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